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Our Shop fitting Melbourne Factory is located in Melbourne is staffed with the latest state of the art equipment to ensure quality for your project. With over 500sq. meters of space we can manufacture all types of joinery and display for any shop fit outs. Our qualified installation staff can guide and assist with all of your retail fit-out requirements. Anything from practicality and traffic flow to colour selection can all be accommodated.

Premier Nationwide Shopfitting Melbourne Specialists

Nationwide Shopfitting has been involved in the manufacture of shop fittings including :

  • Sales counters
  • Kiosks
  • Display Joinery
  • Signage
  • Fashion displays
  • Gondolas
  • Shopfront window displays

Our Shop fitters services are focussed on extensive consultation service

Shop fitting Melbourne

Shop fitting Melbourne more recent Projects involve continued works with Multisite clients including.

  • Chili Padi (Restaurant Group)
  • Five Star (Poultry)
  • Just Cuts (Franchise Group)
  • Value Health (Health Food Group)
  • Go Vita (Health Food Group)
  • Sweet Box (Confectionary)
  • Sires (Menswear)
  • Suji Kim (Ladies Fashion)
  • Bargain Express (Discount Variety)
  • Factory services to clients include:
  • joinery construction
  • plastics fabrication and
  • painting, polishing and finishing.

Nationwide Shopfitting trade qualified staff is extremely talented and have specialised skills enabling them to build any physical item we can throw at them. When it comes to site management our Shop fitting Melbourne team shines. Down time for clients is minimised by our flexibility during installation. We work with our clients to identify their timing on a project and also their other requirements during fit -out [e.g. continue to trade throughout the fit out].

All associated trades are co-ordinated to maximise company resources and provide the best possible service to our clients. Nationwide Shopfitting Australia welcome and encourage clients to participate during factory and installation stages of their projects. Our team values constructive feedback.

Our shop fitters Melbourne Team understand the importance of strong communication between our staff and the clients and the positive outcome ensures the project meets all required guidelines.
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Nationwide Shopfitting Australia
Nationwide Shopfitting Australia
Nationwide Shopfitting Australia
Nationwide Shopfitting Australia
Nationwide Shopfitting Australia
Nationwide Shopfitting Australia




  • Fast Service
  • We are dedicated to turning up on time, every time.
  • We offer Free Quotes/Consultations
  • Your premises will be treated like our own.
  • We will give you a courtesy call before arrival.
  • We are very polite, friendly and professional at all times.
  • We are a Family Owned and Operated Business
  • We are Industry Leaders in Technical Advice

What that means for you…

Nationwide Shopfitting Australia has a great team of shopfitters in Melbourne.

We adhere to much more stringent installation requirements than other shopfitting companies.

We deliver the highest levels of service and safety.

We continually check ourselves for safety, quality and service.

We provide a Lifetime Guarantee on the quality of our work.

We are approved to provide up-to-date advice on their product.